Writing Resume and Samples

This is a partial Curriculum Vitae as we go over our past courses and accomplishments to consolidate everything in one place. Most of this reconstruction of our "CV" is done through going into past notebooks and schedule books, file cabinets, and archive boxes, so we welcome corrections on teacher's names, course names, etc.

Since our full CV is quite long, to help organize it we have moved long sections to other pages. Please make sure to check out:

Papers & Articles Written





Take 2 classic works of fiction, mash them up and change the time and place. What do you have? Anti-Class-Icks™ for teens!

  • Frank'N'Julie (in-progress) - Gay genetics student defies God by ressurecting his dead husband -- then everything goes wrong. (Frankenstein by Mary Shelley meets Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare.)
  • Of Mice & Expectations (planning) (Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck meets Great Expectations by Charles Dickens)

Speculative Fiction/Fantasy series

  • Earth Guardians (2015 - in-progress) 7-book epic series set in a "what-if" present-day Earth with magic and fantasy species. Pre-teen-to-adult.


The Crissing Link series

  • Poetic License - a poetic journey through the labyrinth of multiplicity (2009)
  • United Front - Positive, proactive and collaborative self-help for people with multiple personalities (in progress)
  • Split Decision - One multiple's tales of falling apart and coming back together (in progress)
  • Core Discoveries - As inside, so outside. (And vice versa.) A multifaceted philosophical journey. (pending)
  • Multiple Choice - A multiple system's arguments with the concept of integration (pending)
  • Background Check (on the drawing board)

(Entire series (as it becomes available) as in-progress works at LeanPub)


Current: Much of the content of https://cerberusplural.com including some of the anonymous Spot& articles.

Water Under the Bridge — for a proposed Canton for the SCA in Brooklyn, NY 1997-1998

We published & designed the entire newsletter, we wrote many articles in it. If anyone in the SCA (or similar reenactment groups) would like to reprint our articles with permission, please contact us.

Other Materials we created

Stand-alone new member guides with permission to reprint:

Book Coaching

  • Sheila Pearl, MSW, Ageless & Sexy (2015) & related franchise materials
  • Bette Lee Meci, Ground-breaking Choices & Courage: How could I send my 6 year-old son to India? - title, subtitle, cover, promotional materials.

As this is a website that contains legacy information that's in some cases 40+ years old, some things may be outdated. If you see something that might need updating, please feel free to Contact Us, we'd be happy to check and update as needed. Due to people actively looking for problems to spread rumors about us, we have to say: if you see something and don't say something to us first, then you're a part of the problem.

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