Stories by the Crisses

Nonfictional, autobiographical accounts by our residents. Of course, they read more like fiction.

Elven Ensemble by Drendel, Dreal, Star, and Elvair

This is a multiform story written for Digital Storytelling classes.

Long Gone Past by Star

The Time Being by Dreal

Chapter 1: The Time Being Dreal's youth, watching the Belekim, through her first exile. Chapter 2: The Time Warriors Dreal's adventures after exile (unfinished).

Story of the Death of Drendel by Elvair & Star

Elvair's Pain - Story of the Death of Drendel (Warning: intense, graphic) by Elvair

Both of these are recounts of the experience of Drendel's death from different points of view, and with varying violent/gory content.

Synopsis of Dreal, Star, Warren & Xaron's story

Tale of Two Kitties by Aliessa about Taelee -- Warning, sexually explicit, graphic, hard-core.

Aliessa's Gargoyle Memories by Aliessa - Warning: erotic content.

Both of these are Aliessa's stylized accounts of otherkin sexual experience, in the first case they are actual this-life (while in human body) sexual activities, and in the second case they are an illustration of her past-life-memories indented to illustrate her feelings when making love with a current life lover.

The White Sorceress by Almerissa

Version 1 - Version 2

Two versions of the same tale, one more stylistic, the other more factual.

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