Elvairs Pain-Story Of The Death Of Drendel

Elvair's Pain

by Elvair

I'd like to warn you that this telling of my point of view of Drendel's death is not intended for the faint of heart, or the overly empathic. Please maintain any distance you must from the feelings behind the telling of this tale as it stands, as I am not desiring to cause anyone pain. --Elvair

I relaxed my sword and leaned my weight to guide the horse to turn in a moment of relaxation, plotting the next pass as I did so. The helm blocked most of my perepheral vision, and muffled sounds but when I turned fully around to face the foe, he was not where I expected him, he was still riding hard down the slope....

My eyes clicked over the scene fighting to comprehend and the jeers of the enemy behind me competed with my people's screams as my men scrambled, and--Oh, OhMYGODS! I leaned full forward and kicked my horse like to hurt it, I had to somehow magically make it in time, but no it was way too far, he was going to ride down on my Sun' and there was nothing me, or my men, could do to stop him!!

I thought my heart would sieze in my chest as I bore down on the scene at a full gallop, or perhaps that laboring beat was that of my steed as it gave me everything I asked for from it. I saw the blade, I saw her fall, I screamed, it all happened way too fast, there was nothing I could do, no spell i could cast, no dream I could dream to save her, I sobbed and screamed again, and nearly tore my horse's head off as I jumped off when I stopped it and I fell to my knees and tried to put her guts back, but they fell through my fingers like ribbons full of blood.

I must have lost consciousness many times, because there are flashes of my men throwing the head of the demon at my feet, guiding me somewhere, maybe back home, men sobbing pitifully, elves, whoever they are, my people.

Sednil, my seargeant/lieutennant, whatever rank you grant your second in command around these parts, nearly fell on his blade for not having stayed with her and protecting her.

But I couldn't have borne losing both the people closest to me....

I was too young, too arrogant, and I should never have allowed her near that place....what did I have to prove to her, that I could kill some demon? It wouldn't have pleased her any had I handed her his head, victorious on the battlefield.

And certainly, if she'd said she was having my child she'd have never been near there.

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