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@crisses - this is also where we do our best to validate all our other identities so y'all can be sure you really have The Crisses.
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eclectictllc with plural stuff, PmWiki stuff, let's plays, Air Pirates Radio Theater (client work), chicken videos, etc because obviously we don't get how any of this works. The Crisses channel with only plural content here.

About Us

We are non-binary gender-fluid plural activists, content creators, life coaches, instructors, advocates, peer supporters, and have been out as "many people living in our head" since 1997. We are available for audio and written interviews, guest OpEds, non-camera video interviews, and as a specialized media consultant for producers, directors, authors, actors, and other content producers who are interested in covering the topics of dissociative identity disorder (DID) and/or plurality.

Due to our diverse interests, having been a web developer, author, graphic designer & content creator, we are using our personal site as a hub to our content around the web, a living CV for folks interested in hiring or interviewing us, and a link to our various special interests.

We aren't trying to be perfect, or famous, or have a large following. What we really want is to help people and know whether or not what we're doing is helping. We're not afraid to say we were wrong, make corrections, or take healthy criticism or kind critiques. We love learning, especially from our mistakes — and we make a lot of them, which is why we know so much.

Anyone with an opportunity for us to reach more of the people who need help whom we are cut out to help — please let us know. We welcome opportunities to help folk find resources that will help them improve their life and improve their therapy (if any) outcomes.

About this Site

This is a personal website. If you don't want to know anything about me that might be personal, I suggest you leave. Other personal content will eventually be migrated here, when we feel like it. For now, much of the "other content" by and about us resides at our subsite at http://kinhost.org/Crisses

As this is a website that contains legacy information that's in some cases 40+ years old, some things may be outdated. If you see something that might need updating, please feel free to Contact Us, we'd be happy to check and update as needed. Due to people actively looking for problems to spread rumors about us, we have to say: if you see something and don't say something to us first, then you're a part of the problem.

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