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The Crisses presenting at Healing Together conference
Orlando, FL — Feb 1-3, 2019

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Welcome to the home of The Crisses -- an unapologetic weirdo raised by Llamas in the jungles of Brooklyn NY. [Well, my father is an Ares from Argentina, and Llamas are pretty close in the grand scheme of things, but my mother is a Leo from Missouri -- so does that mean I was raised by a lion and a lamb? Oh boy! No wonder my head is messed up.]

This is a personal website. If you don't want to know anything about me that might be personal, I suggest you leave. If you end up offended (or offered as a symbolic sacrifice on the altar of my Ego), or better yet, you agree that I'm a weirdo once you finally find your way back to civilization, don't say I didn't warn you!

If you do find that my warnings don't work and you still want to know something personal about me, I'm working on the Poetry section and the Blog. Other content will eventually become available here. For now, much of the "other content" resides at http://kinhost.org/wiki/Crisses

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