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I did say I'd point out a multiple moment if it found me, right? Here's one. I wrote a post -- I say "I" loosely, but I have logged in memory the brilliant moment one of my inspired companions -- or perhaps a group thereof -- decided to construct a blog posting about our relationship to the Earth and the planet.

It may have been after watching One Man, One Cow, One Planet. It may have been a moment after spending time with our fairy godchild, Linda Borghi of Abundant Life Farm, a woman who is trying to save the planet.

On September 25th, I, for some quantity of I, blogged. We blogged hard. And it was good. It was a vaguely theological post, some factors of my head being vaguely theologians, that took a metaview of the human relationship with the planet, and for the sake of argument that voice in my head, being perhaps only nominally human, framed the post as though he or she were human indeed.

Someone named the post And now a word from our sponsor Mother Earth. I look at the posting today only because someone left an anonymous comment saying it was good. I have to reread it. I only wrote it some 3 months ago. I see the title and only a vague familiarity stirs. I read the words: I may explain an awe of the relationship between the planet we live on and our people... and read on as if I'm reading it for the first time. It's like re-reading a book you read as a child. I have the vague memory as whoever wrote it allowed us to re-read it, make sure it's not offensive, help them to tweak it so that it gives away nothing of our otherkinness, and giving final permission to send. We probably re-read it another half-dozen times since, each time a fresh "Wow" experience. In awe of our own writing. Because, of course, there are "seventy-somethin'" of us, and it's quite possible to re-read it dozens of times with new eyes every time.

This is a boni-fide multiple moment. Most hit when we re-read things we've written. Next time I'll try to find one that's not about something written. Thanks for reading. I can't wait to re-read this post again :)

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