Documenting Blog Use

So in the interest of documenting how to use the blogging software I'm creating, here's an attempt to document the use of the blog software:

Blog Entries

  1. Log in (as admin) - as if you were going to edit your website
  2. Use sidebar "blog" title form to create a new blog entry - a new edit form will open ready to create the blog entry
  3. Make sure you explicitly title your post using the (:title:) tag
  4. Type out the contents of your post, adding any attachment links you'd like to the body of your post
  5. "Save Draft"
  6. Upload your attachments, proof your post, re-edit, and "Save Draft" as needed to be happy
  7. Tag your entry
  8. Fuss if you want to, you can edit the page, add more tags, add & upload photos or documents (Attach:), etc.
  9. When you're done click "Publish"

Comment & Pingback Approvals

  1. Log in (as admin) - as if you were going to edit your website
  2. See the number of unapproved comments/pingbacks (once working) in the sidebar
  3. It's a link: if you have any unapproved comments, click the link
  4. Edit or approve each comment you like (or those you don't like, but still aren't spam)
  5. To delete a comment click "edit comment" and replace the data field with "delete" just like a webpage on your site, and Publish.

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