Bead Crochet Tip

I've seen some interesting suggestions for how to get beads on to thread or yarn for beaded crochet. Fray check, nail polish, beading needles, etc.

I'd like to share my easy tip -- this works for helping you thread needles too! I keep a tiny blob of beeswax in my sewing & beading kits -- not much more than a blob of chewed gum you might stick under a desk or the size of a gum eraser.

Holding the wax in one hand, the thread in the other, I draw the tail of the yarn or thread through the wax a few times while pushing it into the wax with my thumb. Then pull it through my fingers a few times to make sure I'm happy with it. It stiffens the thread, works great on cotton yarn, and you can twist the end if it's fraying and it will stay put. Twist to a point if needed for stringing beads on yarn.

String away! It won't work with the spinning bead bowl method, but definitely works great for your 6/0 or 8/0 and larger beads.

This also works great on sewing thread to help thread needles and to stiffen knots so they stay stuck without using glue or fray check. You might try it on the ends of nylon if you don't want to burn them so they stay raveled.

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